Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving formal party outfits!

Hey fashionistas!

It's thanksgiving and I'm sure you have a party to attend! This outfit is perfect for a formal thanksgiving party.

Thanksgiving 2012

So, why not try some black-and-gold outfits! Gold is definitely a statement color, but in order to make it more subtle and not over-the-top, try outfits that have small areas of gold or wear a more subtle shade of gold. I love the outfit on the left as it presents a more youthful look, while the one on the left is more of a mature look with the less-subtle gold color and sequins. And because there is so much going on at the top, I kept the bottom as subtle and muted as possible with black heels and pumps. 

That's all lovelies!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Me Singing: "坏东西" by Juliet Pang

Hey guys!

I did a cover of a chinese jazz song! Hope you'll enjoy it!

薇薇,别哭 是什么不得已
天空蔚蓝 白云在飘

薇薇, 你为 何为他或他灰心
天空蔚蓝 白云在飘


所以薇薇, 不要在自己欺
天总会暗 小小雨滴

That's all lovelies!

Teens' Model Search 2012

Hey fashionistas!

I was invited to Teens' Magazine's "Teens' Model Search 2012" held at Bugis+ 2nd floor. I was really surprised when I was directed to the front row seats. But of course, that would mean better quality pictures :) This blog post will be filled with pictures, if you don't mind.

Firstly, a video of the 22 guys/girls contestants:

Here are some photos of them as well. The models featured below are the outfits I preferred.

Time for the results:

Subsidiary prizes:

Mr and Ms Eco-Friendly

Mr and Ms Photogenic

Mr and Ms Stylish

Mr and Ms Beautiful Hair

Mr and Ms Beautiful Skin

Mr and Ms Dazzling/Sparkling Eyes

Mr and Ms Popular




Oh! And if you're interested in the performances, here is a video of a summary of them, featuring SuperNova band, Celine Jessandra Performing school and Teens Supreme!

That's all lovelies!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

[Advertorial] AFC's The Big Break

Hey guys!

I'm here to share with you a really heartfelt and touching reality cooking show. This show is produced originally with partnership of Resorts World Sentosa and Asian Food Channel; sponsored by Unilever Food Solutions and Del Monte Asia Pte Ltd. It offers a chance of a lifetime to 12 underprivileged youths from six countries across Asia to fulfill their dreams in this show. This is premiered just yesterday (14th November 2012) at 10pm on Starhub Channel 435.

I was invited to their media preview and took some pictures during the event!

It wouldn't be a AFC media preview without food! They were delicious!

Alan Orreal and Farah Quinn hosting the preview

The Singaporean contestants Nico and Danny being interviewed on how they feel about this competition

Nico and Danny with Farah Quinn

Farah Quinn and I; Alan Orreal and I

These are the chefs for the show (chefs from RWS): 

Featured Chefs (clockwise): World's most Michelin star-decorated Chef Jöel Robuchon, Australian Celebrity chef Scott Webster, Unilever Food Solutions' Regional Executive Chef Yen Koh

From left to right (RWS's Executive Chefs): Edmund Toh, Ron Cheng, Alan Orreal

Hosts (Left to right): Alan Orreal (RWS Executive chef), Farah Quinn (AFC celebrity chef)

And these were the contestants who got through to the competition:

From left to right: Balla Lawrence (Manila), Gerry Boy (Philippines), Seok Ye Seul (Korea), Nico (Singapore), Ariuna (Mongolia), Jeong Hae-Chan (Korea), Ruth (Philippines), Danny (Singapore), Elizabeth (Malaysia), Sooyoung (Mongolia), Biula (Malaysia)

The first episode featured a heartwarming introduction to the contestants from "The Search" where Farah Quinn and Alan Orreal travelled to countries like the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Mongolia, Singapore and Malaysia as they meet underprivileged youths who have a passion for cooking and a desire to succeed in the gastronomical world.

In the next episode, the contestants visit Resorts World Sentosa for the first time and are whisked off to the Maritime Museum. Amidst their fascination with the museum, the students are introduced to their first culinary tutorial and challenge. Under the sweltering heat and intense pressure of a first challenge, will the contestants crumble under the stress or will they perform and impress the judges?

I'll end this advertorial with some quotes from Farah Quinn and Alan Orreal from the media preview:

"An Incredible Journey and truly humbling." - Alan Orreal
 "Very special" - Farah Quinn

And for those aspiring chefs that are reading this post, they've got words for you too:

"Dont give up; knock on doors (of chefs) and go back again and again."

That's all lovelies! I really hope you'd watch it!

Images are credited to AFC (Asian Food Channel)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Celebrity Feature: Taylor Swift

Hey fashionistas!

Let's just start with this, "I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT SO MUCH". She is such a sweet, beautiful, talented, glamorous, pretty, gorgeous, funny, cute (the list can go on) girl! I have a collection of her photos, especially recently with her newest album RED. Yes, I bought it, and I'm so happy the CD came with her Wanderstruck perfume sample and card-size calendar! And her songs, oh my god, you have no idea how the songs just showed me how I am not alone when I experience certain emotions. I LOVE everything about her, including her fashion.

Let's start with her RED album photos

As I said, gorgeous as always. And I just love her style so much! There's always a hint of vintage in her outfits. Let's say for the first picture, the headband and the pleated skirt add that hint of vintage to her outfit. In the second and third picture, the black and white blouse and oxfords are what added a hint of vintage to her outfit. I ADORE black-and-white schemes for outfits, because I think it's very effortless yet still chic.

Now, moving on to her other styles, or her dresses

One word- Gorgeous (and glamorous, pretty, beautiful). I love her dresses, they are all so princess-like, don't you think? Or like, a barbie. And the third dress up there... I would LOVE to get my hands on those and try it on! And hey, it's black, of course! 

Moving on to her paparazzi shots, or street style

One thing I learn from that first photo is that coffee is the best accessories anyone could pull off, trust me on this. The moment you are grabbing a cup of coffee, especially Starbucks  you'd feel like a superstar, don't you? Well, I do :) Anyway, we can see that Taylor has a variation of street style, of course it would also depend on the season then. But personally, I love them all! I think the one thing, and the most important thing, that she knows well is color combination. 

Each pieces of her outfit complements each other. This can be done by picking out colors that you have in one piece of your outfit and build on that. For example for the first outfit, we can see that Taylor is building on the color of brown, as there are brown accents on both her cardigan and dress, and of course, her shoes.

What are your takeaways from Taylor's outfits? 

That's all lovelies!